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Reports - Downloading Plans to Word

All versions allow you to download to PDF with your own logo and table color styling. Some versions allow you to:

  • Download all plans into Word for editing and use offline
  • Download the guided templates into Word – 1,000s of pages of guided content, to customize and use offline, under your own branding, for training or client work
  • Download all project reports into Word
  • Load customized templates to change headers and text styles

Downloading the Plans to Word

Click the “Download” button with the Word icon to customize your marketing plan in Microsoft Word:

Download plans to Word
Edit the plan offline, or after you’ve downloaded it to share with your colleagues, access even more interactive content for completing each task by editing it in the project grid. You can edit the styling of your plan by modifying the Microsoft Word template loaded in your account.

Plan in WordOpen Word Plan in Project Grid