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Managing a Project - Sorting Activities

There are two ways to sort activities:

1. Manually moving them with the drag and drop feature

2. Sorting activities via column headers

Drag and Drop

To move activities in your project, click and hold the activity and drag and drop it to your desired position.

Managing a Marketing Project - Drag and Drop

If you drag a Category or Deliverable, any Deliverables or Tasks embedded within will move with it as well.

If you’d like to move a task to a different Category or Deliverable, drag and drop it to your desired location. You may then DELETE the remnant Category or Deliverable where the task used to reside.

Sorting by Column Headers

You may sort by any particular column by clicking on the arrow to the right of the column header and choosing your sort option.

Managing a Marketing Project - Sorting by Column Headers

You may wish to change your view by selecting the View dropdown and selecting a view option. The column header sorting will then apply to your new view.

Managing a Marketing Project - Changing Activity View