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Getting Started

Marketing MO is a comprehensive marketing planning app. Use it to define marketing strategies, create campaign plans, measure marketing investments and design and manage marketing projects. To get feel for how it works, try: Creating a plan for a marketing activity, downloading it, and then completing it in the project grid online Browsing the marketing tools:

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Find answers to the 30 most common questions. The FAQ responses below deliver short, concise answers to the questions. For more detailed answers along with graphics and demos, visit the subjects on the left.

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How to Upgrade

If you signed up for a free Preview account, your account will stay open for 14 days while you test drive the app. All of the functionality is available in your Preview account, but your PDF output & reports will have a light watermark applied. Preview accounts automatically close after 14 days. There’s only 1

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Technical Requirements

To get full use of the Marketing MO planning app, you need an internet connection, a browser that we support, a free PDF viewer, and MS Excel (if you wish to download our pre-programmed spreadsheets). Our app uses AJAX and performs many of the activities right in the browser, so it’s best to use a

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How to Use

From your Marketing MO account you can: Find guidance to complete a marketing task Create a positioning, brand, pricing or distribution strategy Write a marketing plan Design an integrated marketing campaign Validate your company’s marketing investments Develop skills in new areas Use the app for succinct guidance for your marketing activities, tying strategy to sales

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Accessing Tools

Have an expert guide you though all of the important decisions — your strategies, campaigns and marketing activities throughout the year. Start at the high-level and get granular to accomplish even the most challenging tasks. See how to access the marketing tools from: Plans Browse Tools Pre-Built Projects

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Using the Tools

Once you’re in the tools, you’ll be focusing on your marketing task, so it’s helpful to understand how the tools work beforehand. Here you can dig deeper in the features: Fields Displaying in Reports Hiding Guidance Populating a Field Adding Response Fields HTML Editor Double Input Fields Triple Input Fields Unlabeled Fields Spreadsheets for Calculators

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Managing a Project

Manage your project from the Project Details screen. Here you’ll access your tools for use and also have the ability to add your own tasks, deliverables and categories. For example, you may choose the Brand Strategy category and add all the deliverables to your project. You can also add your own activities, such as Schedule

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After making your key decisions using the guided templates in your project, output your work to pre-formatted reports to share with your colleagues. You can create a simple task report, output all of your tasks into a deliverable report, output an entire subject into a pre-formatted category report, or output your entire project in a

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Pre-Built Marketing Projects

Pre-built projects come fully loaded with tasks and tools. Just click the icon to begin making decisions. Add due dates and assign them to your team. Some of the pre-built projects are geared toward simple marketing tasks; others outline complex marketing activities that may take weeks or months to complete. Learn more about how to

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