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Opening Tools

You can view the tools by clicking on the Browse Tools main navigation. To use the tools, you must add them to a project, then from the Project Details screen, click the Open icon and the tool will open in a new window for use.

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Entering Values

After opening a tool from your project, type directly into the field to input your responses. You don’t have to answer every question – if you leave it blank it won’t display in your report. Double and triple entry fields display in a table in your report. Click the green plus to the right to add more fields, and click the paper icon to view any previous entries for the field.

Make sure to click Save before closing. More>>>

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Adding Tools

To add tools to your project, click the Add dropdown from the Project Details screen to open the Browse Tools window. Select the tasks, deliverables or categories you’d like to add and click Add Selected to Project.

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Modifying Descriptions

To modify the description of the task or deliverable, click the Edit icon and enter/modify the text in the Description field. These descriptions will display when you output your work to a PDF report.

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Outputting Results

To output the results of your work, in the Project Details screen click the green PDF icon to publish to a PDF. You can out the results of a task, a deliverable (which includes all the tasks), a category (which includes all the deliverables) or a project (which includes all the categories). To output a project content, select the Reports dropdown and the Project Content.

The PDFs at each level contain different formatting. More>>>

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Adding Activities

To add your own Categories, Deliverables or Tools, click the Add dropdown and select the type of activity to add. Enter in the details in the pop-up screen.

To add tools to your project, click the Add dropdown and select Tools. This will open the Browse Tools window. Any tools you select will be added to your existing project.

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Editing Activities

There are two ways to edit an activity: Click the Edit icon and change it in the pop-up box or  double click the activity line and use the in-line editing feature to change it.

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Sorting & Reordering

There are two ways to sort activities: Manually moving them with the drag and drop feature or sorting activities via column headers.

To drag and drop activities in your project, click and hold the activity and drag and drop it to your desired position.

You may also sort by any particular column by clicking on the arrow to the right of the column header and choosing your sort option.

You may wish to change your view by selecting the View dropdown and selecting your view option. The column header sorting will then apply to your new view.

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Changing the View

You have the option to hide the project details so you have more screen real estate to view your project activities.

Simply click the Collapse option in the top black bar to hide the details and view more Activities. Click the Expand option to return to the normal view.

You may wish to change your view if the activities by selecting the View dropdown and selecting your view option. The column header sorting will then apply to your new view.

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Attaching/Downloading Files

You may wish to attach files to your project for future access. To do so, in your Project Details screen select the Files dropdown and then Add or Download files from here.

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Preview Accounts

You may create a free Preview account to test drive the app. Preview accounts expire automatically after 14 days. Only one Preview account per email address.

You may upgrade from a free Preview account at anytime. Click the Upgrade link in the upper right of your account (login here).

Or, create a new account here.

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How to Upgrade

You may upgrade from a free Preview account or from one paid account level to another at anytime. Your credit card will be charged the new monthly payment, or the discounted annual payment (at your choice) upon upgrading. You may upgrade here.

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If you’re on a monthly subscription, your credit card will be invoiced at signup and every 30 days after. We currently use Chargify to handle our subscription management, using their API to allow you to update and modify your credit card information from the My Account link within your account. If you select the discounted annual payment option, you card will be charged once per year at your account creation date.

We use Authorize.Net as our payment gateway.

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Exporting Data

You may export your data in three ways: outputting your task, deliverable, category or project reports to PDF and saving them locally, outputting Project Reports, and by downloading any files that you’ve uploaded to our servers.

When you close your account we promise to keep your data safe and secure for 12 months in case you wish to re-activate your account. After 12 months we permanently delete all data from closed accounts.

You also have the ability to delete all of your projects before closing your account.

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Closing/Cancelling Your Account

If you’re on a month-to-month plan, you have the option to close your account at anytime without penalty. Simply submit your cancellation request through the Feedback link within your account. This is secure way to ensure that you’re not billed for any future service, as this method is far more reliable than email or phone requests. Once you cancel we’ll close your account and you will not billed for any future service. Since we’re a pay-as-you-go service, we don’t issue refunds for closing your account before your paid subscription period expires.

If you’re on a pre-paid plan, you may cancel at anytime, but your account will stay open until the end of your plan. We do not issue refunds for early cancellation.

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