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How to Upgrade

You may upgrade from a free Preview account at anytime. Click the Upgrade link in the upper right of your account (login here).

Or, create a new account here.

Opening Tools

You can view the tools by clicking on the Browse Tools main navigation. To use the tools, you must add them to a project, then from the Project Details screen, click the Open icon and the tool will open in a new window for use.

Entering Values

After opening a tool from your project, type directly into the field to input your responses. You don’t have to answer every question – if you leave it blank it won’t display in your report. Double and triple entry fields display in a table in your report. Click the green plus to the right to add more fields, and click the paper icon to view any previous entries for the field.

Make sure to click Save before closing. More>>>

Adding Tools

To add tools to your project, click the Add dropdown from the Project Details screen to open the Browse Tools window. Select the tasks, deliverables or categories you’d like to add and click Add Selected to Project.

Modifying Descriptions

To modify the description of the task or deliverable, click the Edit icon and enter/modify the text in the Description field. These descriptions will display when you output your work to a PDF report.

Outputting Results

To output the results of your work, in the Project Details screen click the green PDF icon to publish to a PDF. You can out the results of a task, a deliverable (which includes all the tasks), a category (which includes all the deliverables) or a project (which includes all the categories). To output a project content, select the Reports dropdown and the Project Content.

The PDFs at each level contain different formatting. More>>>

Many of categories include a summary report as the last deliverable in the category. This report doesn’t include facilitation, and will display the key fields from the subject in a single PDF.

Experienced users may wish to simply complete the summary report for a category.

If you’re a new user and complete category tasks before reaching the summary, click on the ___ icon to populate the fields with your responses.

You’ll want to output your summary report at the task or deliverable level, though. If you complete all of the tasks in a category and then complete the summary and then output the entire category, you’ll have duplicate responses in your final report.

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