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How to Use - Marketing Strategy

Every serious marketer has a marketing strategy. It’s common, however, that the rest of the team (including the executives in the C-Suite and the VP of Sales) don’t have a clear understanding of that strategy.

By committing your strategy to paper and showing how that strategy can influence your market and growth revenue, you have a better chance of gaining buy-in from the rest of your team.

Clearly Define Your Positioning Strategy


How to Use - Marketing Strategy - Competitive Positioning Strategy

Has it been awhile since you’ve completed your quantitative and qualitative market research? This, along with an updated competitive analysis can highlight new opportunities in the marketplace.

After evaluation, stake a position and determine the mindshare you wish to own. Simplify, striving to own mindshare for “that one thing” (whether you’re B2C or B2B).






Refine Your Brand Strategy


How to Use - Marketing Strategy - Brand Strategy

Does your team clearly understand the experience your brand should deliver at every market touchpoint? Most companies have this clearly defined when they’re young, but as the companies/products/services expand and evolve, it’s easy to lose sight of this experience.

Refresh your brand strategy and commit it to paper so everyone clearly understands how your brand interacts with the marketplace to support the mindshare you wish to own.





Align Your Pricing Strategy to Your Positioning and Brand


How to Use - Marketing Strategy - Pricing

How long has it been since you’ve evaluated your pricing? Does your pricing clearly support your brand and positioning?

If you’re not sure, re-evaluate your pricing strategy to make sure it’s properly aligned.








Hone Your Distribution Strategy


How to Use - Marketing Strategy - DistributionEvery marketer can find a way to improve distribution, either by improving the performance of existing channels such as direct, retail, wholesale and dealer channels, or by adding new channels to expand your reach.