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Campaign Validation

Campaign outcomes are difficult to predict. There are so many variables which affect any campaign’s final result:

  • The quality of the campaign concept
  • The list quality or audience targeting
  • The value of the offer
  • The impact of the message and the creative
  • The quality of the fulfillment
  • The timing
  • Sales follow-up and conversion

And then there’s the cost – can you nail all the above elements and stay within budget?

Sophisticated marketers gain an understanding of how all these work together through experience and have a good feel for how to design a high-performing campaign.

To gain this experience, create a detailed campaign plan BEFORE running any marketing campaign. Thinking through all these key elements, and putting numbers into spreadsheets to project campaign success, or ROI.

Marketing Strategy

Every serious marketer has a marketing strategy. It’s common, however, that the rest of the team (including the executives in the C-Suite and the VP of Sales) don’t have a clear understanding of that strategy. By committing your strategy to paper and showing how that strategy can influence your market and growth revenue, you have a better chance of gaining buy-in from the rest of your team. More>>>

Marketing Planning

From your account, you can create detailed plans for:

  • Strategy: Positioning, branding, pricing, distribution, selling, campaigns
  • Tool Creation: Websites, messaging, literature and collateral, corporate identity, software systems
  • Demand Generation: SEO and SEM, social media, email marketing, online advertising, customer retention, direct mail, publicity, telemarketing and traditional media.
  • Measurement: Marketing return on investment, customer lifetime and customer lifetime value


Measuring ROI

If you project your ROI BEFORE running your campaign, then measuring your actual ROI after the campaign completion isn’t difficult. Simply track down the actual numbers for each line item, add any additional costs, and see how well you performed. More>>>


Marketing is such a broad and changing field, even the most seasoned marketers have little to no expertise in some areas of the field. Whether it’s strategy, digital marketing, creative, messaging, campaign concepting, marketing execution, using traditional media, publicity or direct response, building tools or building brands, marketers who seek to learn end up producing better results.